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20 September 2021

A space for debate on sustainability

Roca Barcelona Gallery will be hosting a series of events as part of a new vertical named BNEW Sustainability, continuing the forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas for which the space was designed ten years ago.

In 2010 Roca developed the concept of “Roca Gallery” as a pioneering dialogue between the brand and the public, a concept that was later adopted by companies in a wide range of sectors. The gallery showcases products sold by the Roca brand alongside cultural and socially focused exhibitions, conferences, debates, and round table discussions on the future of design and architecture, all in the same physical space. The concept encourages a discourse that is open to everyone, aiming to share knowledge that has traditionally been limited to the professional sphere.

This idea was first launched in spaces in Barcelona and Madrid and was later extended to other cities worldwide. Now, Lisbon, London, Beijing, and Shanghai have their own Roca Gallery, with new spaces opening soon.

But international expansion is not the only way that Roca Gallery plans to evolve. Rapid economic and social transformation over the last decade has opened up new topics for discussion in both exhibitions and events. In parallel, the launch of has created a space for ideas and reflection in the virtual world, allowing the gallery to reach a wider public.

Over the last twelve months, and in the face of difficulties caused by the pandemic, Roca Barcelona Gallery has hosted events on issues such as the use of plastic, brand awareness, 3D printing, the development of the retail sector in capital cities across the world, smart cities, digital transformation in industry, new ways of living and collective spaces, gender in the professional environment, energy efficiency etc. A wide range of topics, but with a common thread running through them all: sustainability. Any issue for discussion must implicitly reflect on its own impact on a social, economic, and environmental level.

As the sole headquarters of BNEW Sustainability, Roca Barcelona Gallery continues to make a name for itself as a space for exploring issues of sustainability, with the intention of sharing knowledge and raising awareness across the world.

A space for debate on sustainability
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