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26 September 2023

Solutions for the decarbonization of mobility

In the European Union only, transport is responsible of more than 25% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, of which around 70% comes from road transport. We are living a moment of green transition towards a new environmental, economic and social model.

According to a study by the consulting firm Deloitte, in Spain, transportation is the activity that generates the greatest volume of GHG emissions. During the last 15 years, this sector has only reduced its emissions by 8%, while the other two major emitting sectors -electricity generation and industry- have reduced their emissions by 31% and 32% respectively.

But what would we have to do to become carbon neutral? These are some of the keys that experts recommend:

  • Promote sustainable mobility in all areas, but especially in the private sector. The extension of the electric vehicle and public access charging infrastructure.
  • Freight transport could reduce its emissions by up to 50% if electric railways were promoted for heavy transport and electric trucks for light transport. But the reality is that in Spain 95% of freight transport is carried out by road and that the cost of rail transport can be between 20% and 50% more expensive.
  • Establish aid and support for the industrial sector to advance the energy transition.
  • Promote responsible consumption and a more sustainable diet, less dependent on intensive livestock farming and agriculture.
  • Promote new technological developments related to carbon capture, use and storage.
  • Promote the collaborative economy with initiatives such as carsharing.
  • Building rehabilitation plan to reduce emissions, supported by the use of clean energy such as solar energy, hydraulic energy, wind energy or Repsol's latest initiative, geothermal energy.
Solutions for the decarbonization of mobility
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