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01 October 2021

Strategy for the transformation of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona towards social, economic and environmental sustainability

Achieving sustainable world development implies understanding sustainability in three ways, as established by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in the social, economic and environmental aspects. The objective of eradicating poverty must be reconciled with the fight against inequalities and against climate change. These objectives must be addressed in a coordinated way and relying on digitization, which is understood as the sum of tools and technologies. In this sense, the Metropolitan Action Plan that governs the actions of the AMB for this mandate associates 370 actions that make it up to the ODS with which they are most closely linked, adjusting to the aforementioned triple sustainability approach.

One of our star projects is the Hydrogen Valley, which generalizes the use of hydrogen as fuel and is part of the projects linked to the Next Generation funds. For our territory, which aspires to inclusive and sustainable growth, the Hydrogen Valley project is a key factor in promoting the industrial, economic and environmental growth of our municipalities. Green hydrogen can provide an effective response to the main environmental challenges of the current moment, which are the increase in energy consumption and the effects that this has on climate change. In this sense, the project is fully aligned with the AMB's commitment to the challenges of climate change and sustainability. We already have the Climate and Energy Plan 2030, with which we are firmly betting on carbon neutrality in our territory. Specifically, we support clean energy and the drastic reduction of emissions from private mobility.

The AMB is committed to contributing to the transformation of the metropolitan economy through the resources provided by Next Generation funds. We have a portfolio of projects agreed with the metropolitan, public and private sector actors, and aimed at very diverse groups. For example, there is the DIGITALAMB, with which we want to place the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona as a benchmark territory in economic, technological and social innovation.

Another project is CONNECTABIT, with which we want to help overcome the effects of the current crisis through a new training offer specialized in the acquisition and expansion of digital skills. With the DIGICOMERÇ project, which is aimed at both commercial establishments and municipalities, we want to promote the digital transformation of the local retail sector.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona also works intensively to identify and connect with agents, companies, people and organizations that have an active role in metropolitan innovation. This task is reflected in the HUB TALENT portal, which brings together the aforementioned agents and encourages collaborative innovation through work focused on challenges.

Strategy for the transformation of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona towards social, economic and environmental sustainability
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