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12 September 2023

The importance of well-being at work

It has been proven that there is a direct relationship between employee happiness and employee engagement with the company. When employees feel happy at work, they are more committed to their workplace, which translates into higher productivity and less absenteeism.

An increasing number of companies are incorporating what is known as wellbeing at work. It is about promoting healthy behaviours and habits to create a healthy environment through staff support tools.

Wellbeing at work can be achieved by implementing different measures focused on taking care of small details that improve the level of employee satisfaction. Some of them are already part of the daily routine of a large number of companies and have been proven to contribute to improved motivation and productivity.

What are the keys?

Create a comfortable workspace for the employee. A person who carries out his or her activity with the necessary resources (ergonomic seating, adequate and up-to-date tools and equipment, etc.) will make the most of the time spent in the organisation. In addition, he/she will feel cared for and valued and will see that he/she can meet the day-to-day objectives without wasting time trying to solve technical or logistical problems.

Create a varied routine. Linear jobs wear the employee out mentally, so it is important to offer new challenges that increase motivation.

See their efficiency recognised. This reward does not have to be financial. Acknowledging their work with the right words and thanking them for their dedication also helps to increase their well-being and improve their level of satisfaction.

Training programmes. Employees notice how their knowledge increases and they feel more useful while the organisation has more qualified staff.

Afterworks or team building. They help to improve interpersonal relations between employees and managers.

In short, work is part of people's lives, but the work routine should not become a burden. Having a job in which well-being is a priority helps to improve people's personal and social relationships.

The importance of well-being at work
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