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24 July 2023

The power of quantum communications

“Computing, networking, and other quantum technologies are expected to be very important in the future. Basically, it is an extension of processors that do high-performance computing, but, in certain areas, they are even more powerful. Quantum networks have immediate security implications and will later allow quantum computers to be connected to expand their capacity”. This is the prediction of the Spanish physicist Antía Llamas, responsible for quantum networks of Amazon Web Services.

Quantum communication comprises the analysis, processing and transmission of information using the principles and effects of quantum mechanics. Its development is mainly based on cryptography and quantum computing. It is projected as a new technological advance due to its advantages in computer security and processing speed. It is considered that soon it will be possible to implement quantum networks that replace the current telecommunication systems.

What is quantum information? The cubit is the quantum information unit (the equivalent of the bit, the information unit of classical computing). The qubit consists of the quantum information unit, the quantum analog of the bit. In classical computing, digital circuits are based on logic gates defined by functions belonging to Boolean algebra, using binary logic of 0 and 1. The operations that are used to be applied in qubits are called quantum gates. Quantum communication systems require photons and lasers to transmit quantum states.

Some of the applications of quantum information are quantum cryptography that takes advantage of the non-cloning theorem to be able to transmit information safely with the aim of creating a key. Thus, the quantum communications provide us with 100% secure communication channels to possible hacks.

Another fundamental application is quantum computing. There are several quantum algorithms that allow a result obtained much faster than with a conventional computer. This will be decisive in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, banking, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence.

The power of quantum communications
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