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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to the user’s computer, mobile phone or any other access device when visiting a website in order to obtain and collect information regarding the browsing activity and they can even identify the user’s computer or device.

Cookies are crucial for the operation of the Internet, as they greatly benefit the provision of interactive services and foster the browsing and usability of websites. Cookies cannot damage your equipment. Activating them helps identify and solve errors when accessing websites or its services.

The website uses cookies to collect data on how users use this information and to improve the browsing experience. By using and browsing through the website, users accept and allow the storage of cookies by CZF in the computer or electronic device for the purposes described above. Similarly, the user acknowledges the possibility to refuse the processing of the data or information by refusing the use of cookies by means of selecting the configuration pertinent to such purpose in the browser. However, this option of blocking cookies in the browser may not allow a full use of all the CZF website functionalities.

In compliance with Article 22.2 of the Law on Information Society Services and following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, CZF’s use of cookies is hereby detailed in order to inform users as accurately as possible.

2. What cookies does the website use?

Proprietary Cookies:

• Necessary & Security Cookies: These technical cookies are essential for functionality and usability of the website; they activate basic functions such as browsing the site and accessing secure areas. The website does not work properly without these cookies. Security cookies are used to guarantee security when accessing and using the service, for example, those cookies used to authenticate users, avoid fraudulent use of login credentials and protect users’ data from unauthorised third parties.

• Personalisation Cookies: They allow users to access the service with some general characteristics that are predefined according to a series of criteria in the users’ terminal, such as the language, the type of browser, the regional configuration from which they browse, etc.

• Analytical Cookies: These cookies are used to gather statistics regarding the users’ activity when visiting the website and their general activity. Generally, the information is collected anonymously, allows the browsing optimisation of the website and guarantees the best service for the users.

Third-Party Cookies:

• Google Analytics:
Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. To provide these services, they use cookies that gather information, including the user’s IP address, that Google will communicate, process and store in the terms laid down in, including the data transmission to third parties due to legal requirements or information processing by third parties on behalf of Google.

The user can revoke the consent for the use of cookies on the browser via the options section set out by the developer, or by installing an opt-out system through the links of third parties that install cookies on this website.

Google Analytics Opt-out:

• Social Media Cookies:

Every social network uses its own cookies with the aim that the user can share information or activities in them.

3. Blocking Cookies:

Cookies can be enabled, blocked or deleted in the user’s equipment by configuring the options of the browser installed in the computer following these instructions:
Google Chrome: Tools → Settings → Show advanced options → Content Settings → Cookies → Block site data and third-party cookies
Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → History → Use personalised settings for history (uncheck all boxes).
Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Internet Settings (move slider to the top to block all cookies).
Safari: Edit → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select “always”).

Or using the Cookies Setting for each browser. Also, the majority of browsers allow the activation of a private mode by which cookies are always deleted after visiting the site.

You can also set up your preferences regarding cookies by clicking here.

Finally, CZF reserves the right to modify at any given time the Cookies Policy; therefore, users shall check this policy regularly. If you have any questions concerning our Cookies Policy, you can contact us through the customary channels.
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